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Holding Hands

Marriage Oneness Institute, LLC

Marriage & Relationship Coaches

Passion Pathway Program

A Journey to Rediscover Intimacy

& Strengthening Your Relationship!


Meet Your Instructors:
Danny & Amelia Cole

Danny and Amelia are the CEO and Co-Founders of Marriage Oneness Institute, LLC. They have a strong compassion and anointing to teach couples how to Unleash the Unlimited Power of Oneness through “Serving Together As One.” They believe every couple should strive to make the most out of marriage.  They also believe that by complementing each other and utilizing their strengths, every couple can form an effective team and succeed at their mission in life. ​

Danny & Amelia Cole

Join us as we step into a journey of transformation as we empower kingdom-minded couples to shatter the chains of sexual frustration and reclaim vibrant fulfillment. Our story began like a fairy tale—a heavenly match in marriage, but soon, challenges in Fort Worth turned our union into a personal struggle akin to Egypt. Years of turmoil followed, marked by excessive habits and infidelity until a divine relocation to Atlanta brought us to a place of redemption in a nurturing church community.

Freed from destructive behaviors, we committed ourselves to spiritual growth, yet our marital intimacy remained a barren wasteland—a stark contrast to our restored union. Recognizing our need for healing, we embarked on a journey that changed everything. Through a transformative sexual healing conference and the application of biblical wisdom, we resurrected the passion in our marriage bed from cold and lifeless to warm and thriving.

Now, through our Passion Pathway Program, we invite you to join us on a six-week journey to rediscover profound sexual fulfillment. Let us guide you as we share the tools and insights that revitalized our own marriage. Get ready to break free and embrace a new chapter of joy and intimacy.

Join our exclusive community of kingdom-minded couples and share your journey with us. We eagerly await your testimonies as you progress through these transformative classes.

Pastor Danny Cole, Instructor

Pastor Danny is a highly respected instructor in online marriage education. He is the Co-Founder of Marriage Oneness Institute, LLC, and their Passion Pathway Program. As the Co-Founder of Aquila and Priscilla Marriage Ministry, his vision began in 1992 while Pastor Cole and his wife, Dr. Amelia, served in the marriage ministry at World Changers Church Int’l in Atlanta. After moving back to Memphis in 2002, they established an outreach ministry in Memphis as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to support couples.


Currently serving as a Pastor at New Growth In Christ Christian Center, Pastor Danny is dedicated to helping couples unlock the power of oneness through “Serving Together As One.” He and his wife have extensive experience with monthly “Relationship Matters” fellowships and “Marriage Talk” weekend retreats, focusing on the belief that all relationships matter and that couples can achieve their mission by working together and serving their purpose.


Pastor Danny has a strong background of 30+ years in marriage ministry, including serving in various ministerial roles such as Pastor and Elder. He brings a compassionate and insightful approach to online marriage classes and is dedicated to helping couples build strong, lasting relationships.

Instructor, Pastor Danny

Dr. Amelia Cole, Instructor

Dr. Amelia is an experienced online marriage educator with a Doctorate in Higher and Adult Education from the University of Memphis. With an MBA in Marketing and extensive experience in administration and the financial sector, Dr. Amelia is the CEO and Co-Founder of Marriage Oneness Institute, LLC and their online marriage classes.

Dr. Amelia is recognized for her leadership and academic achievements. Active in professional and community organizations, Dr. Amelia is a member of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education and has been recognized by the Women's Aspiring Leaders Program and the Pinnacle Honor Society.

In addition, Dr. Amelia has a strong background of 30+ years in marriage ministry, including co-founding Aquila & Priscilla Marriage Ministry and serving in various ministerial roles such as Prophet and Elder. She brings a compassionate and insightful approach to online marriage classes and is dedicated to helping couples build strong, lasting relationships

Instructor, Dr. Amelia

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FREE Discovery Call

So, you are considering our online Passion Pathway Program or our Spiritual Guidance Sessions. Here is a meet-and-greet opportunity for you to learn more about Danny and Amelia and what we have to offer. During this 30-minute complimentary session, we will discuss your needs and how these sessions can meet your needs and  improve your relationship and marriage. 

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FREE Discovery Call
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Marriage Oneness
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Speaking Engagements

Danny & Amelia teach marriage and relationships how to Unleash the Unlimited Power of Oneness through “Serving Together As One.” Danny & Amelia are available for speaking engagements for conferences, seminars, retreats, and other special events. Please complete the online form to tell us about your event and receive additional information about our services. 

Time: TBD 
Price: TBD 

Upcoming Events

  • Pursuit of Passion
    Pursuit of Passion
    Thu, Jul 25
    Virtual Event
    Jul 25, 2024, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM CDT
    Virtual Event
    A 6-Week Online Marriage Class Unlocking the Secrets to Deep Intimacy and Lasting Fulfillment
  • 6-Week Passion Pathway Program
    6-Week Passion Pathway Program
    Date and time is TBD
    Online Marriage Classes
    Date and time is TBD
    Online Marriage Classes
    A Journey to Rediscovering Intimacy and Strengthening Your Relationship

One of my favorite couples.

The epitome of love. 

The only people I trust enough to give relationship advice. 

Advocates and leaders. 

God fearing and integrity.

Hearts of gold.

They restored my faith in people. Because I see God  through them. 


One of my favorite couples. Real life relationship goals. I love their  chemistry, transparency, and the unconditional love they have for each other.  However, the best thing about them is they use everything they have to pour into others. If ever around them, you can't help but feel their energy. 

 — Ranieka & Grant Butler, Memphis, TN 

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