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Holding Hands

Aquila & Priscilla Marriage Ministry

Marriage & Relationship Coaches

The Power of Oneness

In Communication, Finances, and Sex

Now Available for Online Spiritual Guidance Sessions


Danny & Amelia Cole

Danny and Amelia are the CEO and Co-Founders of Aquila & Priscilla Marriage Ministry (APMM). They have a strong compassion and anointing to teach couples how to Unleash the Unlimited Power of Oneness through “Serving Together As One.” They believe every couple should strive to make the most out of marriage.  They also believe that by complementing each other and utilizing their strengths, every couple can form an effective team and succeed at their mission in life. ​

Danny & Amelia Cole

There are two branches under the umbrella of APMM: MarriageTalk and Relationship Matters. 


MarriageTalk: Purpose Statement: Teaching marriage and relationships to Unleash the Unlimited Power of Oneness available through “Serving Together” to accomplish their God-given life assignment while discovering the valuable treasures hidden in marriage! 

Relationship Matters: Purpose Statement: Ministering to every aspect of relationships; touching lives, changing families, affecting communities. Relationship Matters hold monthly online meetings every #FourthFriday Jan-Nov. These meetings are free and open to All Adults, including Singles, Married, Divorced, Family, Friends, and Coworkers! Why?! Because ALL Relationships Matter! You can watch us LIVE at 7:00 pm CDT on Facebook and YouTube. You can also watch all previous recordings at these locations. 


Some meetings are on location for outings, such as out for dinner, bowling, or a movie.

Book a Discovery Call

So, you are considering Spiritual Guidance Sessions. Here is a meet and greet opportunity for you to learn more about Danny and Amelia and what we have to offer. During this 30-minute complimentary session, we will discuss your needs and how these sessions can meet your needs and  improve your relationship and marriage. 


How Can We Help You?


FREE Discovery Call
Meet & Greet

30 minutes


(4) Sessions

4 hours
$400 Application fee

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Marriage Coaching
(4) Sessions

4 hour
$500 Application fee


Vision Partner 20 
VP 100 Platinum

Become a Vision Partner

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Speaking Engagements

Danny & Amelia teach marriage and relationships how to Unleash the Unlimited Power of Oneness through “Serving Together As One.” Danny & Amelia are available for speaking engagements for conferences, seminars, retreats, and other special events. Please complete the online form to tell us about your event and receive additional information about our services. 

Time: TBD 
Price: TBD 

Upcoming Events

One of my favorite couples.

The epitome of love. 

The only people I trust enough to give relationship advice. 

Advocates and leaders. 

God fearing and integrity.

Hearts of gold.

They restored my faith in people. Because I see God  through them. 


One of my favorite couples. Real life relationship goals. I love their  chemistry, transparency, and the unconditional love they have for each other.  However, the best thing about them is they use everything they have to pour into others. If ever around them, you can't help but feel their energy. 

 — Ranieka & Grant Butler, Memphis, TN 

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