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More About
Danny & Amelia Cole

Danny and Amelia's journey to oneness began in 1985. After a chance encounter at work, their relationship began. Following six months of dating and another six months of engagement, Danny and Amelia married in April of 1986 and started on the road to becoming one in marriage.

Imagine the electrifying synergy sparked when you blend the wisdom of a seasoned pastor with over 18 years of dedicated church service alongside the dynamic insights of an educator with an equal tenure on a bustling college campus. Add to this potent mix a marriage that has thrived for over 38 years, passionately devoted to nurturing others through their deep expertise in marriage ministry. Together, they ignite a transformative force, combining decades of experience to inspire and guide with unparalleled zeal and expertise.


As a result, we have formed the Marriage Oneness Institute, LLC, to empower kingdom-minded couples on a journey to rediscover intimacy and strengthen their relationship. In our Passion Pathway Program, we teach a 6-week online course to rekindle your love and deepen your connection. 

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