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More About
Danny & Amelia Cole

Danny and Amelia's journey to oneness began in 1985. After a chance encounter at work, their relationship began. Following six months of dating and another six months of engagement, Danny and Amelia married in April of 1986 and started on the road to becoming one in marriage. They would not discover their abilities to overcome trials and temptations until some time later.

In the early years, Danny & Amelia were placed in different circumstances and situations that would typically destroy or derail most relationships. Nevertheless, they tapped into God's Unconditional LOVE which pushed them to the limits of their natural human ability to love. 


With God's Unconditional LOVE, they decided to forgive, forget, and let go of the possibility of divorce. After making this decision, Danny & Amelia was given the vision to form Aquila and Priscilla Marriage Ministry, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. After enduring the trials, tests, and temptations that the enemy tried against them, they decided to use those same tactics to improve their marriage and relationship and pay it forward to as many couples as possible. 


As a result of walking in God's Unconditional LOVE, Danny and Amelia developed healthy habits and effective communication skills. Danny and Amelia took the wisdom they walked out during their trials, temptations, and tests and used it to help other couples maximize the full potential in their marriage and relationship. Danny and Amelia are making marks in the lives of couples that will never be erased. Helping couples grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Changing relationships, marriages, and couples one family at a time.

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