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Chapter Seven: Communicate

Amelia Baker Cole. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved


We are continuing our series by sharing nuggets from our upcoming book, MarriageTalk: Ten Things You Must Do Before and After I DO!

This book was birthed in our hearts in 2009 after countless hours of ministering to couples and sharing the concept of Ten Things You Must Do Before and After I Do. In God's timing, we will be publishing! Until then, please enjoy and share with your friends. Also, please share with us your thoughts and comments!

Click here to view the video:

*Please note: Love doesn't abuse. APMM does not condone any form of abuse (physically or emotionally). Please do not distort any of our teachings to justify abuse. If you are in an abusive situation, get out immediately and contact the authorities.

Lady Amelia, APMM Co-Founder & Executive Director


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